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Learn why your building needs commercial plumbing solutions.

4 Ways to Improve Office Safety

Learn why your building needs commercial plumbing solutions.

Discover how you can improve office safety!

Keeping staff safe is an essential objective for any business – and one that offices often neglect. Just because there are fewer risks than a factory or warehouse might have doesn’t mean that there are none. In fact, because offices so often forget about safety, when injuries or problems arise they can be more detrimental due to lack of training, supplies, and preparation. If you’re ready to improve your office safety, you can follow these easy steps.

Perform A Safety Audit

The first step to creating a safer office is to take the time with your team to perform a safety audit. In some cases, you may want to engage outside help to allow you to have an unbiased opinion on where risks exist and how to address them. A safety audit should examine every inch of your facility, each aspect of current training, and all protocol to see where gaps exist and how to fill them.

Keep Up With Maintenance

One of the most significant risks to safety is often the lack of simple maintenance. Loose floorboards or carpet that become tripping hazards, unsanitary cleaning practices that lead to substantial pathogen spreading, and ill-maintained electronics and HVAC units leading to fire are all perfect examples. Many of the leading causes of workplace accidents and injury are simply maintenance matters. Other examples can include chairs or desks that require repair. If you aren’t keeping track of these items, it can lead to serious injury, lawsuit, loss of life and more.  

Keep Staff Trained

When was the last time your staff participated in safety training? Along with emergency drills for fires, flooding, and evacuations, you should be sure to include other training as well. Safety and responses for instances of injury in the workplace can be vital.

Update Equipment

Last but not least, many offices are woefully understocked when it comes to emergency and safety supplies. Along with ensuring that routinely checked and working fire alarms and extinguishers are in place items like warning signs, step stools, and back braces should be available. Stocked first aid kits and hand protection like gloves and sanitizer must also be readily available.  

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