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5 Commercial Carpet Cleaning Tips From the Professionals

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Commercial carpets are an important investment, but you have to keep them clean for your business to benefit. Carpets that are dingy and dirty can wear out more quickly, harm your reputation, and even make your employees sick. Keeping them clean comes down to daily maintenance like vacuuming, but also professional carpet cleaning as needed. Here are five tips from the pros to keep your carpets in their best shape.

Blot Spills

When something spills on your carpet, it is important to get it up as soon as possible. A stain is just a spot that wasn’t cleaned up quickly enough or well enough. When you’re cleaning up spills, blot them. Don’t wipe or rub as this may cause the spot to grind in deeper and stay. Get as much of the liquid up as possible and let your janitorial service staff know to treat the area carefully.

Pre-Spray Clean Spots

If you’re trying to get the spot out yourself, pre-treat it with a spray. Let the spray sit for a while before trying to remove it. Read the directions carefully. Most carpet cleaners need to be properly diluted and wiped up or they leave a sticky residue behind.

The Equipment Matters

If you have a professional commercial carpet cleaning service come in, you will expect that they have all the best equipment, but the equipment you use for daily upkeep matters too. A powerful vacuum that can pull the deep dirt out when used daily will decrease the need for more intensive deep cleaning. Doing your intense deep clean less frequently will prolong the life of your carpets. If you’re deep cleaning your carpets yourself (rather than having a service do it), keep in mind that doing it more frequently could increase the chance of mold and mildew, since the carpets are wet more often.

Vacuum Prior To Cleaning

You should vacuum your carpets at least once a day to stay on top of the dirt and grime before it gets ground into the carpet. Make sure that you vacuum thoroughly before doing any cleaning that involves water as well (deep or spot cleans). When dirt gets wet, it soaks into the carpets and stains them much more easily. You will have less work if you get the majority of the dirt and dust out first.

Train Your Team

Make sure all of your employees know the best practices and procedures for dealing with spills, spots, and everyday cleaning needs. Have a detailed cleaning schedule and make sure it is followed for the best effect on your carpets.

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