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3 Things You Need To Know About Office Lighting

Learn three things you should know about office lighting.

Learn three things you should know about office lighting.

Energy and office lighting standards have changed over the past few years, and it is essential to be informed before choosing lighting for your office building. Continue reading for three crucial things to know about office lighting, and to learn more about our electrical and lighting equipment and services!

Office Lighting Standards

The US General Services Administration (GSA) states that every work environment requires a certain amount of light for employees. In an office building, each workstation needs 500 lumens per square meter. Although not required, the GSA suggests that fluorescent ceiling fixtures offer the best lighting standards to enhance workers’ productivity, health, and mood.

Lighting Effect On Productivity

Did you know that lighting has a significant effect on people’s health and productivity? This includes artificial and natural lighting. Exposure to natural light with windows and skylights during the day helps to avoid drowsiness and insomnia, and gives people a boost to stay motivated and focused. If your building does not have enough windows in an office area, make sure the room has artificial light with daylight colors, such as white and blue-white, as well as the right amount of brightness. Without the correct amount of light, people tend to feel more tired, therefore less productive at work.

Energy Savings

We know that it’s important to save energy wherever possible, and LED lights are a great way to power your office in an energy-efficient way! LEDs are leading the way in office lighting, as they not only save energy, but they also save a lot of money for building owners. If you’ve been putting off the task of upgrading your lighting- don’t wait any longer! Replacing old bulbs with newer models will bring various benefits to your building and its occupants.

Our Electrical and Lighting Equipment & Services

At Absolute Supply and Services, we offer the best selection of electrical and lighting products, equipment, and supplies, allowing us to provide the electrical industry with superior resources needed to satisfy the demands of users throughout the industry. We connect our customers with a wide variety of products including everything from audio/visual equipment and LED lighting to ventilating fans and surge protection devices. We also offer electrical services for commercial businesses and buildings, including lighting installation, security system wiring, and more!

The Absolute Supply and Services Purpose

As a minority- and woman-owned small business, Absolute Supply and Services is dedicated to providing quality customer services and products. We offer high-quality equipment, replacement parts, and service solutions to support general contractors, subcontractors, building engineers, and other industry professionals. Our wide range of services includes electrical and lighting services, HVAC services, fire protection and equipment, IT solutions, janitorial services, associated replacement parts, appliances,  and safety supplies.

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